11 avril 2015 – 30 mai 2015 all-day


Born in 1957 in Alès, Michel Vézinet, a self-taught painter, began his artistic career in 1972. Today he exhibits his work in numerous galleries in France and abroad.

Michel Vézinet’s work reflects great sensitivity as well as a solid mastery of oil paint applied with a palette knife, technique which he has used since the age of 13.

Fired by the beauty of nature, Michel Vézinet has created a world of softness by using bright colours and radiant light releasing a power which is fascinating for the viewer. The artist’s paintings celebrate the sun, Provence, the sea, flourishing nature, in other words, life!

Michel Vézinet’s works carry us into a pictorial universe where Provence sings and enchants. The artist manages to bring us closer to reverie, while encouraging us to observe and appreciate reality as well as the splendours of nature.

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